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What is a 501c3 non-profit?
Being "501(c)(3)" means that a particular nonprofit organization has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. "Charitable" is broadly defined as being established for purposes that are religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering of national or international amateur sports, or prevention of cruelty to animals and children.  (See  *501 c3 Certified Online Fill-in Application*.)




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United Nations of Consciousness
A Non-Profit Organization
"Resources, Reach, Results"
(909)575-8UNC/ 8862

"Thank you. We are ready now to help save Veterans lives around the country."


Las Vegas, Nevada

Professional Testimonial
Hello, my name is Dr. Shawn S. Hawkins. I am a believer and a humanitarian. I have served thirty years in Southern California at the top non-profit businesses. With fifteen years as an Executive Officer with Trinity Broadcasting Network (501c3) and as an Interim CEO/Western Regional President with Sports Spectacular (501c3).
With Trinity Broadcasting Network in the Media Service Department, I oversee senior management in six television broadcasting departments. I oversee 3500 television stations/1500 affiliates with a portfolio of $800 million dollars in paid contract programs. As an Executive Officer, I correspond with several federal agencies and departments such as; California Attorney General, Internal Revenue Service, United States Patent and Trademark Office/Attorney’s , California Secretary of State, US Copyright Office, Federal Communications Commission, city officials, CEO’s of Medical Centers and key stake holders. I helped build ten television 24 hour stations with foreign languages. These television programs included foreign languages such as; Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Italian.
With a Bachelor from California Polytechnic State and a University Doctorate from N.D.University. I consult with mega church leaders and top 50 of the fortune 500 Executive Leaders in non-profit business. I am a believer and a humanitarian.
Thank you for all of your help and support!


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Khalif Rasshan

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Incorporation Services are our specialty. 501c3 Non-Profits, For Profit Wealth-Building Corporations and Professional Consulting to guide you through the business building process successfully. Over 30 years of successful entrepreneurial expertise to guide you!


Established in 1985.

Over thirty years of successfully designing, protecting and selling products to the medical field; and 40 years of providing services to the general public.

A desire to control his own destiny led entrepreneur and visionary Dumas Martin, Jr. to design his first invention 'The 3 'N ONE' Game Pad in 1984. It's success inspired him to continue creating products that were not only fun but also filled needs,i.e. thePostuRESTLeg Rest and the
Black Beauty Bolster for the medical field.

IDEAS INSTITUTE, A 501c3 Certified Non-Profit Corporation

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Landline 1(909) 620-4772 

Byron Booker

​ RAG.ORGRecording Artist Guild

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Changing Generations Foundation

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